Artists We Represent

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Jeff Filipski

Jeff Filipski was born in Buffalo, N.Y and grew up between two steel plants and a garbage dump in South Buffalo in the polluted heyday of 60s industrialism. After a four-year stint in the SeaBees he received his BFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1985, majoring in Oil Painting and Art History. Both his artwork and poems have been published in assorted venues, including Non-Compos Mentis, MIPO, The Hold, Thunder Sandwich, Woodenhead, White Light, Burnt Orphan, and Fubbles. 

Relocating to Melbourne, Florida in 1993 Filipski continued building his extensive portfolio, winning several local awards for his paintings and has had the pleasure of being displayed in several galleries. Most recently he has shown at EGAD ArtLab and Off Center Art Center and the Strawbridge Art League.  Working mainly in acrylics, oils, and mixed media he has likened his style to a merging of Abstract Expressionism, Cartoon and Dada both postmodern and post idea.

Some people paint because of a fervent love for the application of form and color in poetic unity on their canvas. Filipski paints because he has to. His art is a slippery slope. His art is his therapy. His mind works like a parabolic rainstorm in a constant shifting of images and ideas culminating as an assault on ones’ perceptions as a sort of poetic synaesthesia constantly forcing the observer to partake in an emotional breakdown of their sensibilities.

Brett Freidah

Stone & Wood Sculptor

 Brett's wood and marble sculptures are examples of fine art and fine craftsmanship.  This is a rare combination, but Brett has perfected both aspects of excellent three-dimensional art.  His vision and technical abilities combine to give the viewer a true "fine art" experience.

Brett came to his art late in life.  He spent a number of college semesters in New York.  Montana and California studying Art and Filmmaking.  In time, he came to believe that art couldn't be taught so much as permitted in a space replete with the tools and machinery to make it possible. Somewhat discouraged with this thought, he entered the workplace, where he stayed and was successful for over forty years, while leaving the art in a small comer of his mind.

Upon retiring, Brett went back to that small corner and converted his barn's tack room into a studio where he started producing.  He finally had the space, tools and machinery.  He had the luxury of re-doing works until he was satisfied or spending a month or two on a single piece.

Kyle Heinly

Kyle Heinly is a mostly self-taught artist. He started his creative journey at the age of 14, writing and performing poetry. His poetry let him to a long- time friendship with poet/artist Jeff Filipski who introduced Kyle to painting. 

For the past seven years, Kyle has not stopped creating exciting works of art. To date, he has over 1000 pieces in his inventory, in homes across the United States and in businesses throughout the south. Kyle has shown in various galleries. Notably at Select Fair during Art Basel, Art420 in Wynwood, South by Southwest and various venues in New Orleans. 

Kyle is very generous with his time and work. He has offered classes for abled individuals and works of art for auction, at Bridges BTC, Promise in Brevard, Space Coast Early Intervention Center and Space Coast Field of Dreams. 

Kyle’s art is infused with his interest in world culture, the urban street scene, philosophy and spirituality. His powerful and primitive images bring strength and intensity to every canvas. 

Ruthanne Heinly

 Ruthanne is a Melbourne based, eclectic creator of all things odd and unusual. She is a seamstress with an odd sense of humor and art, who sees whimsy in all things, no matter how mundane. Ruthanne’s newest Fantasy Farm Animals creations made for this special show are unique and delightful.  

Bear Hines

Bear is a Florida artist living in Melbourne Beach with his wife and two daughters. He primarily works in black and white photography, using both digital and film as his medium. As a fifth generation Floridian, Bear uses his art to tell his, and his family’s story. Bear’s photos reflect his love for the Central Florida communities where he grew up. In the simplicity of black and white, he captures a straight forward view of Central Florida and shows us the beauty in the ordinary, everyday, people places and things he sees. 

Brenda Kendricks Truesdale

Brenda Truesdale began her artistic career as an apprentice working for 13 years at Bronzart Foundry in Sarasota, training in all aspects of metal casting. During that time, she became a master in wax work and mold making and adept in the patina process. She has developed a distinctive style in her bronze castings. Her smooth, linear lines reflect Brenda’s life-long love of creating three dimensions. The main focus is to translate into bronze the essence of the subject - to capture a moment - and present it in a stylized form. Brenda’s work has been described as being powerful with strong shapes, yet they are also sensitive and provoke thought. The heart and spirit of the subject is brought out during the artistic process – the design starts as a simple idea and then transforms into the finished piece of artwork.  .

Katherine McElhinny

Katherine McElhinny is a Florida based Assemblage Sculptor and Art Gallery Director. As a former Stand-Up Comedian, McElhinny’s work combined tongue-in-cheek humor with classical painting elements. 

Her award-winning artwork can be found in the Florida Institute of Technology’s permanent collection, the Florida Governor’s Mansion permanent collection, in print ads and television commercials. Her work has even been reproduced on the album cover of a Grammy award winning artist. Katherine has won numerous awards for her 3 dimensional sculptures as well as for paintings and graphite drawings.

Currently Katherine’s paintings and sculptures are on continuous display at the Strawbridge Art League Gallery where she is the Director.

Jamie Meagher

Pop and Low Brow Artist

James, Jamie or Hyme depending on when and where we met.  The last name, Meagher is pronounced "Marr".  Born in Connecticut, grew up in Tennessee, over 20 years in Central Florida.


Pop and Lowbrow Art, Music, Film, Skateboarding, Life


Juxtaposition of color and content, vibrant colors


Create unique, fun and sometimes discomforting content


Pursue my passion, appreciate every minute of the ride

Heather Nagy

Heather grew up in Michigan where her family would take camping vacations around the state. She loved to draw and paint and find ways to express herself creatively. Wanting to use her love for art, she earned a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design at Western Michigan University.

Following graduation, Heather lived in Asia. There she loved to travel, pastels and sketchbook in hand, taking in the culture and colors of the places she visited. After a year, she moved to Orlando, Florida where she took a job as a graphic designer.

In 2003, she toured several National Parks in the Southwest where the mountains, rock formation, arches, rivers and canyons inspired her. She worked in oil pastels which allowed her to work quickly, inexpensively and simply.

Over the years, Heather has worked with oil pastels, dried gourds, and mixed media wax. Currently, acrylic on canvas has become her medium of choice. She works from photo-graphical references and enjoys creating pieces with bold colors and loose realism.

Most recently, Heather has focused on finding beauty and inspiration closer to home. Bike rides down country roads or taking the time to walk around downtown has led to a new series, seeing with new eyes and greater appreciation for living in Central Florida.

Vera Sattler

Vera R. Sattler has been actively working in the glass industry since 1946.  As an apprentice, from 1946 to 1949 in West Berlin, Germany, she studied design and painting stained glass windows with some of Europe’s finest Old Masters of the art, as well as attending various art and trade schools. Upon immigrating to the United States, Vera earned her B.S. from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

From 1964 to 1977 she worked for the now closed Detroit Stained Glass Works, Detroit, Michigan. Sattler’s work can be found throughout the world in private collections. Her works have been shown at the Ohio Art Museum, Toledo, Ohio and the Detroit Institute of Arts and Habatat Gallery in Lathrup Village, Southfield, Michigan as well as the Corning Glass Museum in Corning New York and the Foosaner Art Museum in Melbourne Florida.

Her stained-glass windows are registered with the Michigan Stained Glass Window Census. She has also designed and completed many major glass commissions for religious and public buildings not only throughout Michigan but Florida as well. Her life’s body of works include; stained-glass, acrylics, collages and copper enameling, watercolors, slumped and fused glass.

Ray Spetz

Ray is an art collector and self-taught artist.

His hope is that his art will be thought provoking and at the very least laugh worthy.  

Events which happen around Ray, past and present, influence every piece created.  Ray credits Jeff Filipski, his friend and mentor, as his main influence, not only for his artistic view but as a reminder to always be creating. He also wants to recognize artist Kyle Heinly and Ruthanne Heinly.  Both have encouraged and recognized Ray’s ability to touch people with his art. 

Ashley E. Cooke

Ashley Edmonds Cooke is a retired psychologist and fine art photographer.   She moved to Melbourne from Annapolis, Maryland in 2013.  

In 2019 she introduced her clay-built jewelry exclusively at SBG Fine Arts Gallery.  Her designs are simple, her color choices vibrant.  This combination results in high impact pieces.  By choosing to wear her works, Ashley's patrons are, visually making a strong personal statement.